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Grow it yourself - take 2
Posted by Kiltegan National School, Ireland on 27 April 2017
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Look how the strawberries have grown!
Look how the strawberries have grown!

We were so disappointed when the herbs we so carefully planted in our 'Herb Heads' didn't sprout, but we think this is because the material was too fine for them to get through.  We made a cress head, but even that struggled and was stunted.  

Not to worry.  We are part of the 'Incredible Edibles' programme too and have had much more success in the outdoor garden.  We were delighted to come back to school after the holidays to find that our onions, turnips, beetroot, chives, carrots and lettuce have really sprouted up,  despite the cold.  Meanwhile the strawberry plants have gone mad.  We trust that the potatoes are developing quietly beneath the soil.  Last year we had a huge crop of spuds.

A few years ago we found ourselves on the front page of the local paper with our 'Enormous Turnip'.  Can we do it again? We'll have to be patient and wait and see ...

Meanwhile we keep using the rainwater from the butt to keep the seedlings moist. 



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