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Water Festival
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Posted by Kiltegan National School, Ireland on 11 May 2017
At the Hub
At the Hub

The Big Day finally arrived.  We have been so excited about our Water Festival because we were going down to the community café to share our adventures as Water Explorers with the people of the village and its surroundings. We had made posters, notified the local newsletter, invited the neighbouring parish and sent text reminders to the school community.

We spent the morning checking our facts and figures and making a new archimedes screw to demonstrate how water pumps work.  We also made resources for three games, collected the colours together and the dice, and transferred the tadpoles to a lidded container for the quick walk down to the 'Hub'.

When we got there, the café was decorated with balloons and Water Explorer bunting.  We put up more posters and took out the games.  The first thing we did was challenge the ladies at the café to work out the secret water content of some of the foods we most commonly eat.  They were really surprised when we told them the answers.

Then we made water chARTs: you throw dice and draw a watery picture based on the symbols on the game card.  So many people did this activity that we ran out of paper!

We played another dice game too.  This time you had to look at the symbol on the card beside the number and say how you could save water (or not) by using whatever the little picture showed.  There was great discussion especially about hidden water in clothing, particularly T-shirts and jeans. Then we encouraged people to fill out water pledges just like we had done during the project.  What a lot we got!

But the two most popular things we demonstrated were our Archimedes' Eureka Pump and the tadpoles:

Two of our visitors told us about how they can remember using the old lever pump outside the old school house. They were delighted to see how it might actually have been working on the inside.

But the tadpoles really stole the show. As soon as people knew they were there they had to come and look at them.  One of the froglets posed for photos on the rock in the bucket.

About 40 people came to the festival.  We were delighted to see them all and especially Gráinne who came down especially to join us.  

Thank you to everyone who came, and particularly to the 'Hub' for hosting our Water Festival.



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