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Our National Awards 2018
Bidaltzailea: The Irish Water Explorer Team an 23 Maiatza 2018

On 21st May, the Top 4 Water Explorers in Ireland gathered to celebrate their Water Explorer journey and shared what they have learned and achieved in this academic year.

Global Action Plan Ireland hosted 99 students and 7 teachers that showed a fantastic understanding and commitment on water conse

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Argitaratuta an 7 Maiatza 2018
Our finished product
Argitaratuta an 5 Maiatza 2018
Donahies students with donated products
Water Festival
Argitaratuta an 27 Apirila 2018
Quiz winners with Spin 1038 representatives
Clean that Water Up!
Argitaratuta an 12 Apirila 2018
Gardening Workshop
Argitaratuta an 3 Apirila 2018
Searching for worms around the garden!!
Rathlee N S Secret Swap Party
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Argitaratuta an 26 Martxoa 2018
Secret Swap
fashionable water
Argitaratuta an 23 Martxoa 2018
Junk Koture
Argitaratuta an 9 Martxoa 2018
February School of the Month
Bidaltzailea: The Water Explorer Team an 8 Martxoa 2018
January School of the Month
Argitaratuta an 15 otsaila 2018
Upcycled T-Shirts
Argitaratuta an 5 otsaila 2018
Finished Products
Grow it Yourself
Argitaratuta an 22 Urtarrila 2018
How does your garden grow?
Bidaltzailea: Water Warriors, Ireland an 18 Urtarrila 2018
Water Explorers Visit to OLV BNS
Argitaratuta an 17 Urtarrila 2018
Sharing our message
Filtering Muddy Water
Argitaratuta an 12 Urtarrila 2018
Filtering muddy water
water posters
Argitaratuta an 22 abendua 2017
"We Want Clean Water," says the World
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Argitaratuta an 19 abendua 2017
Water Filters
Argitaratuta an 18 abendua 2017
water butt challenge
Argitaratuta an 18 abendua 2017

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