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Autor postu Water Warriors, Ireland na 7 maj 2018
Post odnoszący się do Global Water Fundraiser,
Our finished product

Our water bottle recycling was going so well we decided to try and upcycle the bottles we collected .Upcycling means to reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. some items which would then be sold to raise money.We had dec

Zamieszczono na 5 maj 2018
Donahies students with donated products
Water Festival
Zamieszczono na 27 kwiecień 2018
Quiz winners with Spin 1038 representatives
Clean that Water Up!
Zamieszczono na 12 kwiecień 2018
Gardening Workshop
Zamieszczono na 3 kwiecień 2018
Searching for worms around the garden!!
Rathlee N S Secret Swap Party
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Zamieszczono na 26 marzec 2018
Secret Swap
fashionable water
Zamieszczono na 23 marzec 2018
Junk Koture
Zamieszczono na 9 marzec 2018
February School of the Month
Autor postu The Water Explorer Team na 8 marzec 2018
January School of the Month
Zamieszczono na 15 luty 2018
Upcycled T-Shirts
Zamieszczono na 5 luty 2018
Finished Products
Grow it Yourself
Zamieszczono na 22 styczeń 2018
How does your garden grow?
Autor postu Water Warriors, Ireland na 18 styczeń 2018
Water Explorers Visit to OLV BNS
Zamieszczono na 17 styczeń 2018
Sharing our message
Filtering Muddy Water
Zamieszczono na 12 styczeń 2018
Filtering muddy water
water posters
Zamieszczono na 22 grudzień 2017
"We Want Clean Water," says the World
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Zamieszczono na 19 grudzień 2017
Water Filters
Zamieszczono na 18 grudzień 2017
water butt challenge
Zamieszczono na 18 grudzień 2017
x marks the drop
Zamieszczono na 18 grudzień 2017

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