During the expedition your team:

  • touched the lives of 1300 people
  • worked with 700 people along the way  
  • convinced 35 people to do something water smart
  • saved 0 litres of water being wasted - that’s enough drinking water for 0 people for a year!

Together you and the other teams in your country have:

  • touched the lives of 17893  of your neighbours
  • worked with 13149 friends and family along the way  
  • convinced 689 to change the way they use water
  • saved 6311 litres from being wasted - that’s enough water to produce  30 kgs of wheat!

Well done! Your team are exemplar Water Explorers! Have a think about what you can do to go even further - can you use your knowledge and expertise to help others achieve what you have?

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Your school has
Reached out to 1300 people
Got 700 people involved
Changed the way 35 people use water
That’s 490 points, 0 m3 of water saved - well done!
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Chelsea Prep Northway
South Africa is proud of our total 26110 points

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Community and Heritage-Water Festival
Posted by Bambanani Primary School, South Africa on 17 November 2015
Post related to Make your own Challenge ,
Mbuso and Silindokuhle delivering a speech about their research project on plastics

This year, we were fortunate enough to be awarded R4200 from the Water Explorer Program to hold a water Festival. This festival was intended to awareness within the community about the importance of water and way to conserve this precious resource. Members of the community, the Department of Water A

Local and Global Issues- Calendar Garden
Posted by Bambanani on 17 November 2015
Sue Van Rensberg from SAEON visited our school to assist us with our calendar garden.
Nature and Biodiversity- Fresh Water Watch and Mini SASS monitoring
Posted by Georgie Mavundla on 17 November 2015
Using the nitrogen strips provided through the Fresh Water Watch
Special Theme: Soil
Posted by Sibongile Ncgobo on 17 November 2015
Some of the learners evalueating the donga's caused by people extracting soils for clay bricks
Resource Use- Recycing
Posted by Sibongile Ncgobo on 17 November 2015
Learner show off their plastic book covers
Healthy Living- Our Permacultural Garden
Posted by Sibongile Ngcobe on 17 November 2015
Children Collect dung from their homes to make compost
Fracking is no Fairy Tale
Posted by Muntuza on 16 November 2015
Resource Use- Recycling paper
Posted by Titch Smith on 11 November 2015
Ms Smith has been personally responsible for collecting paper in her classroom to recycling in Estcourt
Theme- Healthy Living-Action Project- Vegetable Garden
Posted by Ms Titsch Smith on 11 November 2015
A Good News Story
Posted by LED Nxele on 11 November 2015
Proudly holding up a cheque sponcered by Department of water and Sanitation for their work with mini SASS
Fresh Water watch
Posted by Mr Dluvo on 11 November 2015
Mr Ndluvo useing the fresh Water watch kit
Spinage Power
Posted by sebe Mbele on 10 November 2015
Fracking is a dirty word
Posted by Julia Colvin on 9 November 2015
At the start of the Fracking scoping meetings, hese are the lucky ones that manged to book a seat, whilst other straining their ears to listen from outside
An Anti Fracking fiesta
Has Attachment
Posted by Julia Colvin on 6 November 2015
Demonstrations Against Fracking
Knowing and Growing your own Muthi Plants
Posted by Imogen on 6 November 2015
Showing off their pots of Spek Boom
Our Indigenous Friends
Posted by Wendy Dlamini on 6 November 2015
Playing the matching game and Researching Plants
Greens are good!
Posted by Wendy Dlamini on 6 November 2015
Organic cabbages
Beautiful but Dangerous
Has Attachment
Posted by Mrs Stembihle on 6 November 2015
Grade 6 removing a Bug Weed
Growing out Spek Boom
Has Attachment
Posted by Sebe Mbele on 6 November 2015
Children learning to identify Alien Plants
Alien Verse Indigenous Gardens
Has Attachment
Posted by Siyabongile Ncobe on 6 November 2015
Girls showing off their cream

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