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Preparing for our Fashion Show and Swap Shop
Enviada por Corbridge Middle School, United Kingdom el 15 mayo 2018
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Y5 Water Explorers presented an assembly to the whole of KS2 today on their Water Festival which is planned for the 15th June. They explained how the fashion industry uses hundreds of litres of fresh water for every item of clothing made. The explorers suggested ways in which people could reduc

Rap Tap Tap
Enviado el 10 mayo 2018
Rap Tap Tap Festival
The Water Explorer Team Visits Mayflower Primary School
Enviado el 9 mayo 2018
Salmon and Trip to Cor Burn
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Enviado el 30 abril 2018
Book Swap
Enviado el 30 abril 2018
National Science Competition Finalists
Enviado el 21 marzo 2018
Our Plastic Legacy Community Event
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Enviado el 20 marzo 2018
Spring Cleaning
Enviado el 8 marzo 2018
Water Monsters win UK School of the Month
Enviado el 8 febrero 2018
Plastics and Microbead Investigation
Enviado el 19 enero 2018
Ice Explorers
Enviado el 12 diciembre 2017
Upcycled decorations
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Enviado el 12 diciembre 2017
Global connections
Enviado el 10 diciembre 2017
some of the things from our stall
Filtering water
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Enviado el 29 noviembre 2017
making our very own filters with plastic bottles and blue paper towels.
Purifying water
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Enviado el 13 noviembre 2017
Water Walk
Enviado el 6 noviembre 2017
Year 5 Water Explorer Initiation
Enviado el 6 noviembre 2017
Monkspath Team win UK School of the Month for October
Enviado el 25 octubre 2017
The International Celebration Event 2017
Enviado el 20 octubre 2017
Grow your own
Enviado el 18 octubre 2017
bottle watering the potatoes

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