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How many litres a day?
Posted by Sibhekulwandle, South Africa on 9 February 2018
grey water girls
grey water girls

We first worked out how much water we thought we used in one day - our guesstimates were between 70 - 200litres/day, thats way too much! We  have learned different methods of how to save water. The one I like is when I am bathing or washing clothes I can also use that water for watering the garden. Again, instead of flushing the toilet all the time, I can use the water that I was bathing or washing my clothes with for flushing. It is also better to use a plastic basin to wash yourself in, instead of a shower. When I washing my hands, I must open the tap and wet my hands and close it and then lather the soap and then only turn back on for a quick rinse.

To be a Water Explorer: Never let the water run! Flush the toilet only when necessary. Shower only for 2minutes and report any leaks! 

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