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Water Explorers Exhibition
Posted by İda anaokuly, Turkey on 17 April 2017
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We have been firstly informed about the protection of the water and the environment . We announced our students as water explorers with the collar cards we prepared for each one. We mentioned that our water sources can come to an end one day and we should use it wisely, if we don’t protect our nature and environment, there can't be a liveable world. We raised awareness that our students became explorers and they are responsible for it. Our students explored the useless pouring water, dripping taps and leaking water at home and school. Then we asked them to take pictures of the contaminants in our environment by observing. Even we got surprised that there are lots of contaminants in our own environment. We only sent you some samples of our photographs. We are truly sorry that there are hundreds of photographs belonging to the environment pollution. These are only the ones we can see or we cannot! Later, our students prepared many projects with their parents at home and their teachers at school. Many projects appeared about the environment pollution, water pollution, exhaustible water and recycle. Then, we opened an exhibiton in our hometown’s mall to reach more people. We invited all of our elders. City-dwellers who saw our exhibition also were very interested in our exhibiton. We gave information to them about the importance of recycle, using our resources, not polluting our environment and nature. We took pleasure in preparing these projects. We present thanks to our water explorers team who inspired us. Our age is too small but the thing we do was very big. Anymore, we continue our duty as water explorers.



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