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Congratulations to Headley Park for being awarded National School of the Month for the UK. They have been brilliantly focused and completed a large amount of challenges in a short space of time. They have got the whole school involved in creating tie dye shirts and a potato growing contest. Keep up the amazing work!
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How empty will your classroom be on the 17th?
Posted by Water Explorer on 9 June 2016


On Friday 17th June learning goes WILD with a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play!

The aim is to get as many children as possible outside for at least one lesson in the school day. Anyone that has seen the effect of taking children outdoors to learn and play in the real world around them knows how powerful such experiences can be.

For example, a year 7 South African team visited the nearby Rosedale Farm dam and took turns using the river monitoring citizen science tool. The children loved being budding scientists for the day. They were thrilled to see lots of dragon flies dancing on the water's surface and enjoyed noting the various species that they found. The teacher commented: "The children just loved operating the turbidity tube and took the recording of data very seriously."

You can take any of our challenges outside to connect your students with nature. However if you want activities with specific science learning, why not try:

  • Freshwater Species Savers
  • Pump It Up
  • Grow It Yourself
  • Freshwater Watch (register for your kit by Friday 10th)

And don't forget, Rachel is the UK School Support Officer on hand to support your progress. If you would like personalised support contact her on 020 7420 4414 or email schools@waterexplorer.org.

We look forward to seeing how you empty your classroom this Empty Classroom Day.


Local Partner Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan UK (GAP UK) is an environmental behaviour change charity that has been helping people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles for over 20 years. GAP UK works with schools, communities and businesses to develop and deliver programmes that change behaviours. 

GAP UK led the design of the global WaterExplorer programme and is coordinating its delivery across the 11 countries. You can find out more about us at www.globalactionplan.org.uk 

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