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A Full to the Brim Water Festival
Posted on 25 July 2016

Two Gates Primary School in Tamworth hosted an action packed water festival this summer term. Water Explorers from year 5 and 6 collaborated to create an event full to the brim with exciting educational activities.

Throughout the day students used creative and fun ways to spread their water saving message. They made posters to be displayed at the school summer fayre, performed raps and poetry to explore the water crisis, and they created lego models to demonstrate polluted and clean water sources. And that’s not even half of it! They also used ingenious ways to make learning interactive; a blindfolded test of bottled vs tap water and a ‘Did you know?’ game of surprising water usage facts. For example, did you know to produce 1 sheet of paper uses 10 Litres of water?

Not only did they look at water consumption but they took action to save water right there and then in their school. They surveyed the grounds for any sneaky dripping taps and reported them to the site technician. Powerful posters were displayed in all toilets (including the staffs!) with encouraging messages to turn off taps.

Students then took their responsibility as Water Explorers one step further by creating personalised pledges of how they will each save water.

In reward for all of this amazing work they received a workshop by the Pipelines organisation, on laying freshwater pipes to remote communities in Borneo - channelling even more inspiration in to the day.


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Global Action Plan UK (GAP UK) is an environmental behaviour change charity that has been helping people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles for over 20 years. GAP UK works with schools, communities and businesses to develop and deliver programmes that change behaviours. 

GAP UK led the design of the global WaterExplorer programme and is coordinating its delivery across the 11 countries. You can find out more about us at www.globalactionplan.org.uk 

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