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Purifying water
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Posted by Corbridge Middle School, United Kingdom on 13 November 2017

In Water Explorers this week we looked at how to clean water using filtration and started to make some water saving pledges.

In the UK we have clean, drinking water coming out of our taps which we often take for granted. Many countries have unpurified water or have to collect water from a river or well. 

We discussed how to clean water so that it is suitable for drinking. We then did a practical investigation into how well different materials take out sand and mud from dirty water. We found that the filters made from paper or newspaper worked better than felt and other fabrics. 

After the investigation started thinking about how to save water.  




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Global Action Plan UK (GAP UK) is an environmental behaviour change charity that has been helping people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles for over 20 years. GAP UK works with schools, communities and businesses to develop and deliver programmes that change behaviours. 

GAP UK led the design of the global WaterExplorer programme and is coordinating its delivery across the 11 countries. You can find out more about us at www.globalactionplan.org.uk 

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